Wednesday 24 November 2021

Immortal Legacies: Author Interview with Ariel Dawn

Immortal Legacies: A Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Vampire Anthology

Blood and Bones by Ariel Dawn

Some bonds are stronger than blood. 

When eighteen-year-old Ava and her boyfriend attend a party on campus, things turn from fun to deadly rather quickly. As Ava bleeds out on the concrete floor, the angel of death comes...only he's not an angel. And he isn't quite dead either.

Cassius Aurelia finds a young college student fighting for her life on the floor of a frat house basement, and he can't turn away. His bite will save her life, but it will also bring forth a litany of consequences for the both of them that neither may be ready for. 

  Blood & Bones is actually a prequel to In The Blood, which part of the Forevermore Series. It is the first book in the spinoff series, Ava Crowley, Vampire Slayer.

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Cover for Ariel Dawn Blood and Bone 

Interview with Ariel Dawn

I grew up an avid reader and daydreamer. As a creative soul, I enjoy many forms of expression aside from writing. I am a photographer, an artist, a cosplayer, a gamer, a foodie and a self-professed geek. When I'm not at a convention in cosplay, writing love stories, or editing photos; I can often be found reading with a cup of tea, running my Instagram Wrong Turn Romance, entertaining friends and family with great food, and playing video games or board games with my retro gamer husband.

Q: How long have you been a writer and how did you come to writing? 
I started writing last year during the pandemic. I released my first short story in April of 2020, and then signed up for an anthology and wrote my first book, and it has been a wild roller coaster ride ever since… I initially wrote my first short story with the intent that if it was the only thing I ever published, I’d be happy. Then I wrote In The Cards, and In The Blood, and a year later I have six published titles and at least 3 series, plus a co-written series and there’s so much more to come. 

Q: What currently compels you to write? 
My characters probably. They don’t shut up until I write their story, honestly. But mostly, I think a lot of my writing is propelled by the fact that I’ve always been a creative person, and I’ve ALWAYS written stories; I just never shared those stories with anyone until last year. The support and success I have had definitely fuels me to keep going. Readers who love my stories definitely helps keep me going, and the support from them, my family, friends and author friends I’ve met help too. 

Q: Where do your characters come from? 
I have no idea. They just sort of emerge, and I feel like I know them. Their inner desires, their quirks, their flaws. I’m definitely inspired by the stories I’ve loved, the media I grew up with, and the stories I want to read. I grew up with heroines like Buffy and Xena, and that definitely influences my writing and characters as well. I also like to flip tropes and character expectations, so a lot of times I think about a character and how I can flip the trope. 

Q: Who is a favorite character that you've written? 
Ava Crowley & Cassius Aurelia from the Forevermore Series/ Ava Crowley, Vampire Slayer Series are my top favorites, because they are both so genuine in who they are, and their relationship is so much fun to write. Cas is not this typical vampire, and I just love him and all his flaws, his personality. Ava is such a badass, tough and resilient with a great sense of humor, but she isn’t perfect. She messes up constantly, is headstrong, and has flaws of her own- and she owns that. 

After Ava & Cas, I’d have to say Jade Hollow & Ranger Woods from the Shifters Of Starfall Creek Series with Quell T. Fox are favorites as far as attachment. Jade is similar to Ava, but she’s more…aggressive and feisty than Ava. She knows what she wants, and she doesn’t let anyone or anything stand in her way, and even in the face of adversity she stands her ground. She’s also not perfect, and sometimes she causes fires when she shouldn’t, but she grows from that throughout the series, and I LOVE writing that journey. Seeing where she started and where she ends up. Ranger is the first male I’ve written who *spoiler alert* isn’t straight, and his attitude and personality are so much fun. He’s a reader favorite, and one of my favorite characters I’ve ever written.

Eden Boracelli from the Forevermore Series is also a favorite of mine I’ve written because she’s an amazing villain who you hate, but also understand. 

Q: What’s the one question you always like when people ask authors? 
I don’t have an answer for that! I love all the questions!!
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“I do not think it is wise to put yourself in danger.” He whispered to her.

“Maybe I like a little danger,” she whispered back.

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